[alsa-devel] Pull request for alsa-plugins

Lennart Poettering mznyfn at 0pointer.de
Thu Sep 4 16:03:39 CEST 2008

On Thu, 04.09.08 09:48, Takashi Iwai (tiwai at suse.de) wrote:

> > please pull and merge a series of 26 patches for alsa-plugins'
> > PulseAudio driver which I prepared in this repository of mine:
> > 
> >     git://git.0pointer.de/alsa-plugins.git
> Thanks, pulled in, pushed out now.
> At the next time, could you add our sign-off to each commit?
> I don't care much about it for non-kernel codes, but certainly better
> with it.

Sure, will do.

> Also, please add the branch name in the same line of git://... above.
> The recent git requires the branch name explicitly to pull.

Will do.

> One of my concerns in the current pulse code is the many use of
> assert().  In many cases, assert() is a wrong choice.  For example,
> checking the return value of malloc in assert() is definitely wrong.
> It should be always checked, and should return an error instead of
> aborting the program.

I think I fixed every single assert() on malloc, OOM should now be
handled in similar way to most other code in in

Still, there are quite a few asserts left in the pulse driver which
check validity of function parameters. But they should only be hit on
internal programming errors and as such I think it makes a lot of
sense to leave them in.

> > Those patches only touch the pulse/ subdir. 
> > 
> > The tree is freshly rebased against current alsa-plugins master.
> > 
> > May I ask you to make me the "semi-official" maintainer of this
> > driver? I.e. I'd like to be consulted (as in 'Signed-Off-by') before
> > any patches for it are merged?
> Well, the patches can go in by any ALSA developers, so it can't be
> forced *always* through you.  But, I'll mail you pulse-related patches
> before reviewing and merging.

Thanks a lot!


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