[alsa-devel] get rid of controls with snd_ctl_remove

Harald Radke harryrat at postnuklear.de
Mon Sep 1 13:04:45 CEST 2008

Hi there!

Well, I guessed it was a typo but you know, with software u barely know, one 
is a little bit more careful (:

Ok, I tested the activated() routine, it works quite well for deactivating, 
those controls aren't available in mixer user apps as well as deactivating a 
control which is necessary for sound output like "Left Mixer Playback Switch"
(on WM8750) mutes the device (:

However, I tried the following:

- deactivate control
- activate same control (right after deactivating)

with the effect that the control wasn't accessible via mixer nor did the 
related path seem to work



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