[alsa-devel] master branch on sound-2.6.git rebuilt

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Sep 1 12:48:32 CEST 2008


FYI, I rebuilt the master branch on sound-2.6.git tree now because of
the conflict with sparc tree.  Basically only topic/remove-assert is
changed and topic/sgbuf-large-pages branch is rebased.  Other topic
branches are kept as is.  The master is the straight merge results of
all topics now.

The old master branch before rebase is saved as old/master on
sound-2.6.git.  It'll be removed sometime later.

If you've developed patches based on the master branch, try to rebase
like the following:

 - mark your current branch

   % git branch my-master

   To be sure, keep it also as a backup branch in case you broke via

   % git branch backup-master

 - mark the old origin/master

   % git branch old-master origin/master

 - fetch the sound-2.6.git

   % git fetch origin
   (or whatever)

 - rebase via --onto option

   % git rebase --onto origin/master old-master my-master

   This will move the changes done on local branch onto origin/master,
   and make the result as the current branch (i.e. the new

 - remove temporary branches if needed

   % git branch -D old-master
   % git branch -D backup-master


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