[alsa-devel] [PATCH] alsa: Emagic Audiowerk8 low-level ALSA driver

matthias.nyffenegger at bluewin.ch matthias.nyffenegger at bluewin.ch
Tue Oct 14 13:27:06 CEST 2008

At 13.10.2008 12:32
tiwai at suse.de wrote:

Hi Takashi,

>[please stop top-posting]

Ok, sorry for that. 

>I don't care in which direction, whether to merge yours into aw2 or
>aw2 into yours.  I just want to have a reasonable merge of two
>Well, this is basically an option, and can be achieved later, too.
>So, could you post the patches to ML for further reviews?

Yes, I'll do that soon.

>But before submitting patches, I recommend you to run once
>scripts/checkpatch.pl (found in kernel tree) with your patches.
>You'll find lots of coding style issues even by such a simple tool.
>Then, check Documentation/CodingStyle and fix your codes again.
>And, please remove the debug trace stuff unless you really need it in
>future.  This decreases readability fairly much.

I guess you refer to the 0.1 sourceforge release -> I actually did that before submitting aw-alsa-patch-0.2.
Anyway, I'll post the patch again, this time in Mail body, following your recommendations.

Thank you for helping.



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