[alsa-devel] ASUS V1Sn can have digout

asto astrotris at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 10 08:50:34 CEST 2008

Regarding this change:
(Added support for Asus V1Sn)

This card can have digital output, and indeed does in my situation.

The patch above added to patch_realtek.c:
SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x1043, 0x1633, "Asus V1Sn", ALC861VD_LENOVO)

However, ALC861VD_LENOVO definition has no digout

Is it possible to have digital out for this device configured in
auto-probe rather than map to lenovo ?

For now, I add a definition for it based on the lenovo and
3stack-660-digout: to patch_realtek.c

       [ALC660VD_V1S] = {
               .mixers = { alc861vd_3st_mixer },
               .init_verbs = { alc861vd_volume_init_verbs,
                                alc861vd_lenovo_unsol_verbs },
               .num_dacs = ARRAY_SIZE(alc660vd_dac_nids),
               .dac_nids = alc660vd_dac_nids,
               .dig_out_nid = ALC861VD_DIGOUT_NID,
               .num_channel_mode = ARRAY_SIZE(alc861vd_3stack_2ch_modes),
               .channel_mode = alc861vd_3stack_2ch_modes,
               .input_mux = &alc861vd_capture_source,
               .unsol_event = alc861vd_lenovo_unsol_event,
               .init_hook = alc861vd_lenovo_automute,

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