[alsa-devel] Problem: different volumes for different jacks in ALC888

Vincent Petry PVince81 at yahoo.fr
Sat Nov 22 18:24:50 CET 2008


We have designed a new model for the following laptop: Amilo Xa3530 from
Fujitsu Siemens (see bug report 0004240 for alsa-info).

The chipset is Realtek ALC888.

When using channel mode with 6ch or 8ch, the mic-in jack (0x18) is
converted to an output (PIN_OUT 0x40).
The problem is that the CLFE channel (0x0e) on the mic-in jack (0x18) is
not loud enough. When reassigning the CLFE (0x0e) to the line-out jack
(0x17), the volume is at a normal level.

But in the codec there is no volume difference between the connection
paths from mic-in and side path.

I saw that the Mic-in also has a VREF value, but changing it doesn't
affect the volume. AFAIK the VREF value only affects

Has someone met this kind of issue before?


Vincent Petry

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