[alsa-devel] [PATCH 0/7] minor HDMI cleanups and fixes

Wu Fengguang wfg at linux.intel.com
Sat Nov 22 02:40:50 CET 2008


Here are another set of HDMI cleanups and fixes.

        [PATCH 1/7] hda - minor HDMI code cleanups
        [PATCH 2/7] hda - report selected CA index for Audio InfoFrame
        [PATCH 3/7] hda - make HDMI messages more user friendly
        [PATCH 4/7] hda - ELD proc interface write updates
        [PATCH 5/7] hda - document the ELD proc interface
        [PATCH 6/7] hda - fix DisplayPort naming
        [PATCH 7/7] hda - fix build warning when CONFIG_PROC_FS=n


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