[alsa-devel] xfi fatality pro gamer

Dmitri Seletski drjoms at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 19:57:19 CET 2008

Hello boys and girls.
I have a card (actually 3 of them, hda-intel, that doesn't work properly,
usb-audio, that doesn't work properly and xfi fatality gamer pro, which you
guessed by now doesn't work properly). I may test things from any of those
cards if you have any interest.
I know my fatality card is rather new on the market(not exactly, but...) and
not very well supported. I would like to test it if you need more testers. I
have got driver released on 6th of November 2008. I tryed OSS with it, it
sucked badly, but at least proved that card is in working conditions. With
this driver that creative released i am getting my sound applications failed
miserably. I know it's crap, so instead of complaining I decided to do
something about it this time.
I can provide dmesg output.
Anyway, let me know if you need a guinea pig(I know how to load a distro
from live cd, worst case scenario, chrootig or something).
Restecpa me brothers and sistas.

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