[alsa-devel] Dell Vostro 1710 laptop

Tim Uckun timuckun at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 08:13:23 CET 2008

Hey all.

I have a dell vostro 1710 laptop running hardy. The sound has never
worked perfectly on this model. The built in mic doesn't work but a
mic plugged into the jack works.  The speakers sound terrible and they
are not loud enough.

The sound also dies frequently especially I am on youtube a lot (could
be due to a flash/firefox problem too). I have to restart the alsa
service in order to get it going again.

Until recently I was running the option model=dell-m42 but a recent
kernel upgrade broke that.  I fiddled with some more options and
settled on model=dell.

I don't know if any of these problems will be solved by upgrading
ubuntu but I wanted to report the problems anyway.  I have been
googling around I can't see anybody else using a vostro 1710 with

The alsa information is here.


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