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Tue May 20 11:56:44 CEST 2008

quite a while to get a driver fully debugged, how are the experiences
with RME cards?

I am aware that my e-mail might appear to be a crude 'I want to order a
pizza asap, at what time will the delivery boy arrive?'-like question.
Please see it more like a generic inquiry on the status and likelyness
of things.

Thanks and cheers,

Matthijs ten Berge

Original message, dated 15/04/2008 (answer from RME):


> The RayDAT would be my preferred choice, because of the PCI-express
> interface, but is it supported by any of the ALSA drivers?
> I have seen that the HDSP9652 is supported by the hdsp alsa driver
> rather well, but how about the RayDAT?

The RayDAT is not yet released, and I'm afraid I can't say much about
the current status of ALSA development (if any).

> In case the RayDAT is not supported, are you then willing to provide
> information about the technical differences between the two cards, so
> the alsa hdsp driver can be updated/extended?

This will certainly be the case as soon as the card is released.

Daniel Fuchs

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