[alsa-devel] hdsp rpm support

Karl Grill kgrill at chello.at
Fri May 30 18:15:26 CEST 2008

just a word of clarification:
>> Also, did you use the new patched version of the firmware that Karl
>> worked on?
> No, it's the original firmware. Why would one want to patch it?

I didn't patch the firmware - I just copied the firmware from a Win2k
driver (ver. 1.1) from the rme website - the linux firmware is the one 
that came with the win 98 drivers, and there is no firmware for the rpm. 
My hope was that someone might be able to verify that these firmware 
files work with the multiface/digiface and the current linux drivers (if 
this had been the case, it would have made things a bit easier for me, 
but now that Florian is doing things that I only could dream of, there's 
no need for me to continue my inferior efforts).

Looking forward...

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