[alsa-devel] Digital Audio Multiplexer of the i.MX27 processor

Peter Wurmsdobler peter at wurmsdobler.org
Wed May 28 01:03:12 CEST 2008

> does anybody understand the DAM unit in the i.MX27 processor?
Not that I really understand the AUDMUX unit, but the current Freescale 
BSP (19 Dec 2007) contains an audio/alsa driver which makes use of the 
AUDMUX, or DAM, in order to route audio streams to/from the mx27's SSI1 
and SSI2 to the PMIC's SSIs. PMIC is a the power management and audio 
chip which is on the ADS board. Unfortunately I do not have the file 
with me, it is called ./sound/arm/mxc-pmic-alsa.c I believe.

I will be back in office next week, maybe we can have a chat then, if it 
is not too late.


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