[alsa-devel] HG -> GIT migration

Eliot Blennerhassett linux at audioscience.com
Wed May 21 04:30:06 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 20 May 2008 23:21:13 Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	I finished migration from HG to GIT. All repositories are
> converted and we have one "new" repository - alsa-kernel.git which is full
> Linux 2.6 GIT tree. The old HG alsa-kernel repository was renamed to
> alsa-kmirror 

Hi Jaroslav,

can you clarify what one should do to be able to build latest GIT head.

Should I expect the following to work? (as it used to work with Hg)

$ git clone git://git.alsa-project.org/alsa-kmirror.git alsa-kmirror  
$ git clone git://git.alsa-project.org/alsa-driver.git alsa-driver  
$ cd alsa-driver
$ ALSAKERNELDIR=../alsa-kmirror/ ./gitcompile --with-debug=full   

anyway I get this error

  CC [M]  /home/eliot/src/alsagit/alsa-driver/i2c/other/pt2258.o
make[4]: *** No rule to make target 
`/home/eliot/src/alsagit/alsa-driver/i2c/other/tea575x-tuner.o', needed by 
`/home/eliot/src/alsagit/alsa-driver/i2c/other/snd-ak4117.o'.  Stop.



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