[alsa-devel] Incorrect model selection for HDA Intel based card.

Travis Place wishie at wishie.net
Mon May 19 17:43:31 CEST 2008

On Mon, 19 May 2008 10:09:00 pm Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Mon, 19 May 2008 04:19:14 +1000,
> Travis Place wrote:
> > Just had a user in #alsa on freenode, with an Asus P5GD1 mainboard.
> > They couldnt seem to get surround sound working at all.
> > It has an ALC880 based HDA-Intel sound device on board.
> >
> > Now, the problem lies in the Susbsystem ID's (1043:814e).
> > These match in patch_realtek.c as follows:
> >
> > SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x1043, 0x814e, "ASUS", ALC880_ASUS)
> >
> > The users mainboard (The ASUS P5GD1) actually has 6 output jacks, aswell
> > as SPDIF, not the standard 3-jacks that the "ASUS" model quirk implies.
> >
> > I talked this user through forcing the driver to use '6stack-digout' for
> > his sound device, and things all work fine now.
> Actually, this was changed originally from ALC880_5STACK for the
> exactly same mobo (changeset 4798).  I guess 6stack-digout wasn't
> tested by that user.
> So, if 6stack-digout is confirmed to match better than now, it's
> fairly safe to replace the line.  Care to send a patch with a proper
> changelog?
> thanks,
> Takashi
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As previously mentioned, it appears the HG code has an entry for the "ASUS 
P5GD1" mainboard. But its onboard sound vendor/device Ids dont match those of 
the person i was helping. I have double checked the pastebin post, and 
confirmed the mainboard model with the user though.

The _original_ alsa-info.sh run (before the model was forced to 6stack-digout) 
is as follows..


There it shows the vendor/device ids as 0x1043, 0x814e .
So according to the current HG code, those IDs would select the "asus" model.
Also, in the same, current HG code, we have..

SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x1043, 0x8196, "ASUS P5GD1", ALC880_6ST)

This shows the correct model name for the mainboard, but (from my experience) 
wrong vendor/device ids.

Perhaps we have to check with the person who originally added that P5GD1 
quirk ?

I have made up a patch, but want to confirm all this information before 
proceeding. Please let me know your thoughts.

Travis Place

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