[alsa-devel] [ALC262_FUJITSU patch_realtek.c] Use jack sense for both headphone outputs

Tony Vroon tony at linx.net
Mon May 19 02:00:19 CEST 2008

Good morning,

Could you please consider the following patch for 2.6.27.
The driver starts up with the jacks in an inconsistent state (speakers on, 
laptop headphone output enabled, dock headphone output enabled) and does not 
consider their state until the first unsolicited event arrives. In some cases 
it takes *headphone insert* *headphone removal* *headphone insert* to get the 
driver to mute the speakers successfully.

Also, both HP outputs are enabled together, rather then individually enabled based 
on jack sense results.

This patch addresses both problems. Open to comments as usual & sign-off in diff.

Tony V.
LINX sysadmin
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