[alsa-devel] Oh, BTW... (OPL3 PM issue)

Andreas Mohr andi at lisas.de
Wed May 14 23:45:44 CEST 2008


unfortunately I forgot to mention this:

when I tested OPL3 functionality of my driver, I of course also
tested this to do proper power management, and... well... it didn't!
The result of doing an S2D was that the formerly perfectly playing
emulated MIDI synth ended up with distorted (sort of Micky-Mouse'ish)
voices directly after resume.

I really don't think that it's my driver's power management which is
at fault here, and I'd strongly guesstimate that ALSA does its own
generic OPL3 power management handling for standard OPL3 hardware registration.

So??? (aka "what the...!?")


Andreas Mohr

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