[alsa-devel] PCM plugin transfer callback size issue

Ben C bchang_2 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 02:39:25 CEST 2008


I'm writing a PCM external filter type plugin. However, due to the processing I must handle fixed size each time. I can only handle 256 samples at a time. In the transfer callback, there would be no problem if the size is say 1024 each time, I just loop it. But the problem is that sometimes it comes back with other numbers.

One instance, it came back with 1114. So I change my code to ONLY process 1024, and return 1024 at the conclusion of the transfer callback, to see if ALSA is smart enough to handle the fact that I didn't process everything. Well, ALSA is smart enough, except the next transfer call, it only sent me the 90 samples that I didn't process. But since I can't process 90 samples, it doesn't help me either; I needed ALSA to combine that 90 samples with the next block of incoming PCM data.

My questions:
1) Is there some sort of configuration I can do to constraint the number of samples?

2) I could even manage the extra samples myself with an internal buffer to combine with the next block. But how do I tell ALSA to give me the next block? If I only processed 1024 samples out of 1114, I could store the 90 samples for next time, but if I lie to ALSA and say I did all 1114, wouldn't it try to process 1114 samples instead of 1024?


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