[alsa-devel] Mono streams

Nagar, Mrigendra x0088697 at ti.com
Mon May 12 15:05:16 CEST 2008

I have recently started working on ALSA libraries. I am facing following problems. It would be great help If some one can help me out.
1) Mono streams:
    If I try to play A MONO streams. It plays Faster.
    My driver configuration is
i)                     Blocking mode
ii)                   Access mode is interleaved
iii)                  No of channels are set to 1
2) Buffer under run while playing Mono stream.
    i) Blocking mode
    i) Hardware buffer size is 65536
    ii) Periods is set to 64
     I always encounter buffer under run If I try to decode and play a stream frame by frame. Frame size is constant and it is 2048. If I club two frames and
Try to play it. It plays well. In second case buffer size becomes 4096.
My question is: Is there any optimal buffer size. Which one should set to have smooth payout?


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