[alsa-devel] Problem with aloop

Gustavo da Silva Serra gustavo.serra at tet.com.br
Fri May 9 14:56:09 CEST 2008

Benjamin van den Hout escreveu:
> Gustavo da Silva Serra wrote:
>>    I am developing an application that captures sound and send it
>> through a network, just like a sound server. To test it I am using
>> kaffeine with alsa output plugin. After some time playing continuously,
>> or if I keep moving the position slider backward and forward, I get
>> choppy sound. If I close and reopen the capture stream opened by my
>> sound server, the sound is restored to good quality. Sometimes I have to
>> reopen many times before I get a good sound. When I use kaffeine oss
>> output plugin I don't have this issue. I don't have an audio sound card,
>> so I don't know if this is an *aloop* issue.
>> Here are some details:
>> - RedHat EL 4 kernel 64bit
>> - Alsa 1.0.16
>> - Xinelib 1.1.12
> Hi all,
> I'm experiencing the same problem as Gustavo. In my case I have a SIP
> client calling to another PC and I'm injecting audio with aplay (or
> amarok, no difference there) into that SIP call. About 8/10 times
> everything goes well, the other two times the audio that comes out at
> the other PC sounds really choppy. Both PC's are on the same local
> network so that is probably not the problem.
> What I found out is that if I patch aloop-kernel.c in the 'static
> struct snd_pcm_hardware snd_card_loopback_info' to have ".formats =
>  (SNDRV_PCM_FMTBIT_S8 )," this problem goes away. But then I'm stuck
> with 8 bit audio. It sounds a bit like the aloop device sometimes
> doesn't properly synchronise the 16 bit (or 32bit, tried that as well)
> samples on both PCM devices and things get mis-aligned. I'm quite new
> to ALSA so please don't laugh too hard if I'm missing something here
> :)
> Any input is greatly appreciated!
> Kind regards,
> Benjamin van den Hout
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Well, I discovered that only xinelib has this problem. Xmms and 
alsaplayer, for example, don't have this issue. I am testing VLC and it 
seems to work fine. I am not surprised, since the xine source code that 
deals with alsa is huge and ugly, it must be very hard to mantain that.

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