[alsa-devel] [regression] 2.6.25-rc4 snd-es18xx broken on Alpha

Michael Cree mcree at orcon.net.nz
Sun Mar 23 10:48:38 CET 2008

Michael Cree wrote:
>> I can't tell you exactly *when* it used to work, or even *if* it did
>> with 2.6 kernels.  I'll try to explain...
>> Sometime back in the 2.6.14 to 2.6.16 timeframe there was an issue with
>> the ALSA driver not recognizing interrupts (causing looping)
> Yes, the ESS1888 driver failed to work on Alpha about the 2.6.14 to 
> 2.6.16 kernel.   It came right with alsa release 1.0.13 (IIRC) and I 
> have been running the ESS1888 driver on an Alpha XP1000 without problems 
> for about a year.

After thinking about this more, I am wondering if the appearance of the 
ESS1888 not working then coming right at about the 1.0.13 alsa release 
is an artefact of when I shifted from mainly using the PWS600au to 
mainly using  the XP1000, and then trying out the es18xx driver at some 
stage, finding it works on the XP1000, but forgetting that it was on the 
PWS600au that it didn't work.  It's in the distant past now and memory 
is getting hazy...


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