[alsa-devel] Patch - ESI Maya44 driver

Rainer Zimmermann mail at lightshed.de
Fri Mar 21 12:27:49 CET 2008

Hi Takashi,

here's the maya44 patch.

This is a patch against the current alsa-kernel tree.

I did add 2 definitions to ice1712.h (snd_ice1724_get_route_val and 
snd_ice1724_put_route_val), which allowed me to move some of the maya44 specific 
code to maya44.c .

There are still a few maya44 special cases in ice1724.c, because maya44 uses the 
"con" channel and routing switches differently. This is not really clean style I 
think, but I would suggest sorting this out later, as it would again require 
larger changes to ice1724.c and testing with other hardware.

Hope everything is ok with you, for now.

This patch does *not* limit the sampling rate to 96kHz for capture, as discussed 

best regards,

Lightshed IT Services
Löfflerstr. 27, 22765 Hamburg, Germany * mail at lightshed.de * www.lightshed.de
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