[alsa-devel] Emvy24control s/pidf input issue

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 17 17:32:18 CET 2008


I just noticed that S/PDIF input on my Audiophile 2496 does not work.
I see:

[udo at wda ~]$ envy24control
using    --- input_channels: 0
         --- output_channels: 4
         --- pcm_output_channels: 8
         --- spdif in/out channels: 2
Unable to read S/PDIF input switch: No such file or directory

Changing the Digital Input from coax to optical or vice versa
Unable to write S/PDIF on/off switch: No such file or directory
Unable to write S/PDIF input switch: No such file or directory

This is on Fedora 8 x86_64 with alsa-tools 1.0.12-4 from Fedora Core 7,
envycontrol 0.6.0.
S/PDIF output works without a problem. Did not have S/PDIF input working
before, as far as I remember.

Using -v I do not see signal in the meters.

In the source I see in spdif_input_update:

        if ((card_eeprom.subvendor != ICE1712_SUBDEVICE_DELTADIO2496) &&
            ! card_is_dmx6fire)
        if ((err = snd_ctl_elem_read(ctl, spdif_input)) < 0)
                g_print("Unable to read S/PDIF input switch: %s\n",

Why does snd_ctl_elem_read fail?
How could I make S/PDIF input work again?

Tips are very welcome!

Kind regards,

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