[alsa-devel] ALSACTL wrong restore on ARM9

Alexandre BOUIN a.bouin at kerlink.fr
Mon Mar 17 12:37:15 CET 2008

> It's possible that your codec drivers register caching is borked. This
> can be easily confirmed with debug in your driver kcontrol code.
> If your driver looks ok, then I'd suggest looking into your alsa-lib
> cross build. There have been some problems with it being incorrectly
> cross compiled for ARM in the past (pls search the list for details).
> Fwiw, I use OpenEmbedded to build ALSA for ARM and I've never ran into
> this issue.
> Liam

Thanks Liam, I've find the issue. 
After having learned many things about kcontrols, I've detected that one of
my controls rewrites other ones but should not do it with alsactl.
As this control aim is for debug, and all my other controls are ok, I can
remove it.

alsactl (re)store works fine now ;)

Thanks again.

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