[alsa-devel] bugfix for RME HDSPM alsa driver

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Fri Mar 14 14:33:02 CET 2008


I have had the following problem with the RME HDSPM alsa driver:

settings of card:
Preferred Sync Reference = Word
Sample Clock Source = AutoSync
and no input plugged in (neither madi nor optical)
playing a file (important!)

Monitoring the external rate with amixer, the value was jumping between
"None" and "48000 kHz".

The proc output showed that the sample rate on word clock was still
right at 48000 kHz
while the external rate was jumping here, too. External rate seems to
jump between
word clock and madi input select.

When "Preferred Sync Reference = Word" is selected, just the word clock
rate should be

I fixed the problem with following patch in
in function hdspm_external_sample_rate() line 668:

There was a typo: instead of status2, status was used.

<                               (status & HDSPM_SelSyncRef0) == 0) {
>                               (status2 & HDSPM_SelSyncRef0) == 0) {

(same way as in snd_hdspm_proc_read_madi function line 3123)


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