[alsa-devel] [regression] 2.6.25-rc4 snd-es18xx broken on Alpha

Bob Tracy rct at frus.com
Tue Mar 11 15:07:18 CET 2008

Rene Herman wrote:
> No problems here, using either the ALSA or OSS interfaces. Have been 
> busy switching cards -- I have no hardware that can use anything other than 
> DMA 0, 1 or 3. First test is to see if it's ALSA or just the OSS emulation 
> though...

Both native ALSA and emulated OSS playback are broken based on last
night's testing.  Just to rule out sound hardware issues, this morning
I built a 2.6.25-rc4 kernel with OSS (sb driver), and that seems to be
working fine.

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