[alsa-devel] [regression] 2.6.25-rc4 snd-es18xx broken on Alpha

Bob Tracy rct at frus.com
Mon Mar 10 17:21:30 CET 2008

Rene Herman wrote:
> > Bob Tracy wrote:
> >> Supposedly with the ES1888, dma1 is for capture, dma2 is for playback. 
> >> dma2 == 5 is a 16-bit channel, yes?  That could explain much...
> It is, but what would it explain? You're only having playback problems, right?

dma2 is for playback, I'm having playback problems, dma2 == 5 is a
a 16-bit channel, and 16-bit DMA is an issue with the es18xx driver
(according to the comment near the top of the file).

> Can it be forced to use dma2=0 (an 8-bit channel, and the usual capture 
> channel on es18xx)? However, that might not be the issue anyway:

I'll try a few things like dma2 == dma1, and setting dma2 to an 8-bit
channel, but I think the various configuration parameters are hard-wired
on the Alpha (not PnP).

> This sounds very suspiciously like a difference with playing through the 
> native ALSA interface and the OSS emulaion. Could you and/or Bob confirm 
> that sox is using the OSS emulation and not ALSA natively?
> I could very well imagine the ALSA OSS emulation being broken on Alpha. I 
> doubt any of teh developers has an Alpha. And if aplay works correctly this 
> seems very likely.

I'll see if I can verify whether it's a native ALSA vs. OSS emulation

The local version of sox (Debian 12.7.9-1) contains a library dependency
on libasound.so.2, and a "strings" on the binary yields "ALSA_0.9.0rc4"
as well as several ALSA error message strings.  However, output by
default goes to /dev/dsp (major 14, minor 3), which is definitely OSS.

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