[alsa-devel] mm functions vs. normal IO

Reiner reiner1210 at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 3 23:40:45 CET 2008


I'am new for using ALSA API.
I was astonished that a simple wav playback example does not exist. But 
after reading the pcm examples I have managed to make one (if I will 
finish it I can post it so it can be added to the examples)

Now my question:

What should be used:

(I think snd_pcm_mmap_writei 
is the same with an additional copy behind ?)

I think mmap will have better performance, but will it work with all 
soundcards? Or should it be in a config what to use?

I'am also looking for a function to get the number of played frames. I 
have played around with "snd_pcm_status" but it seems not to have a 
counter for this.

By the way is there a detailed tutorial (introduction) for ALSA 
available? The online help is a little bit too short for newbies. ;-)


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