[alsa-devel] Alsa Issue - Sound playback starts on left speaker only

stan ghjeold_i_mwee at cox.net
Wed Jun 25 18:52:21 CEST 2008

Pavel Hofman wrote:
>>> The ICE1724 driver has exactly this behavior.  It is a known bug and has 
>>> been there for years.
>>> You don't say what chip is having the problem, but I would guess that 
>>> this is it.  Most people
>>> just program a script to adjust the volume at startup to cure it.
>> Well, this is likely a different problem.  The case of envy24*
>> drivers, the problem is the initialization of the registers via
>> I2C/SPI.  But, in the case of HD-audio, this can't be the case.
> Is this bug still in git alsa? I thought it was already fixed. Which 
> cards does it afflict?
> Thanks,
> Pavel Hofman.

It is present for my Revolution 5.1 card.

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