[alsa-devel] 2.6.26-rc6 snd-pcsp: "Timer resolution is not sufficient"

Stas Sergeev stsp at aknet.ru
Fri Jun 20 05:57:06 CEST 2008


Rene Herman wrote:
> What's this? 2.6.26-rc6:
> ===
> input: PC Speaker as /class/input/input5
> PCSP: Timer resolution is not sufficient (4000250nS)
> PCSP: Make sure you have HPET and ACPI enabled.
> PC-Speaker initialization failed.
> pcspkr: probe of pcspkr failed with error -5
> ===
> A HPET I do not have, ACPI is enabled and the driver worked fine on a
> previous -rc.
That means that the high-res timer
mode is not available. See
cat /proc/timer_list
It should contain the lines like
  .resolution: 1 nsecs
1 nsecs means a high-res mode.
Some large values (like 4000250)
means low-res.
Try adding the hrtimers people to
CC if this is a problem.

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