[alsa-devel] alc262 - hda intel driver - power save not working

Harsha priya gupta harshapriya at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:32:23 CEST 2008


Have been working on this to get the power save option to work for ALC262
using intel hda driver. (ALSA 2.16v, Kernel-

Once i load the driver, the power_save_controller shows 'y' indicating its
enabled and power_save value is set to'10'
Still i dont see the driver going into d3 state when there is no playback or
capture happening.
I also made sure that i play a file, close the player and mute the controls.
I wait for 10 seconds and still see the power consumed is the same whereas I
expect the power to come down.

Please help me with more clues as to what i could be doing wrong or missing
Any clue will be greatly appreciated as i am needing to resolve this ASAP.


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