[alsa-devel] [ALC268 patch_realtek.c] COMPAL IFL90/JFL-92 laptop quirk to select ALC268_TOSHIBA

Tony Vroon tony at vroon.org
Wed Jun 4 11:52:35 CEST 2008

Good morning,

Could you please consider the attached patch. The COMPAL IFL90/JFL-92
laptop defaults to an incorrect output channel on autoprobe, resulting
in no audio. The user was unable to enable analog audio with the mixer
controls provided.
Testing confirms that the Toshiba model enables both headphone with
automuting and the internal speakers. Embedded sign-off and short patch

Tested-By: Guri <gurashka at gmail.com>
Signed-Off-By: Tony Vroon <tony at linx.net>

Tony V.
LINX sysadmin
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