[alsa-devel] [ASoC] ASoC on a AT91RM9200 with a tlv320aic23b codec

Simon Tremblay bidou at videotron.qc.ca
Tue Jul 15 02:59:11 CEST 2008


Basically I want to use alsa on my embedded system running with a 
AT91RM9200.  I have few questions about ASoC development.

I think there is a driver for tlv320 (looks like a generic driver for 
tlv320xxx) in dev branch. Anybody knows if this driver works with 

I saw this driver isn't tagged in any kernel version (currently I use 
2.6.24 and tlv320.c and tlv320.h aren't in the codecs directory). Is it 
because the driver isn't tested yet?

Thank you,


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