[alsa-devel] HDA Intel ALC885 - Need new or edited model option

Constrabus Gegami constrabus at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 17:26:52 CEST 2008

I need a new or edited model option for this card:
HDA Intel card in Alienware m15x laptop

That uses codec:

Detailed specifications on the card:

alsa-info.sh genterated output:
(i switched back to no model options before i ran the script, i dont know
  if it leaves behind anything or if it even matters)

Jack Observations:
-1x auto-sensing headphone jack
-1x auto-sensing microphone jack

All current available model options either present me with:
-working switchable internal speakers with non working headphone jack
-working switchable headphone jack with non working internal speakers
-non working headphone jack and internal speakers
-working non switchable internal speakers with non working heaphone
-working non switchable headphones with non working speakers
-no working sound

What is needed:
- working switchable internal speakers with working headphone and mic jack
(preferably switchable)

Distro: Gentoo amd64 using alsa driver package (not in kernel modules)

I hope that this will benefit others as well as I.
If any more information is needed, please email me.


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