[alsa-devel] [Fwd: Re: Code relsease to alsa.]

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski herton at mandriva.com.br
Thu Jan 24 16:07:31 CET 2008

Em Tuesday 22 January 2008 12:55:17 Takashi Iwai escreveu:
> At Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:48:20 -0500,
> Marc Boucher wrote:
> > Hi Takashi,
> >
> > Here's the sign-off:
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Marc Boucher <marc at linuxant.com>
> Thanks!
> > Do you have any specific comments about the code itself?
> I have now applied some parts of your patch to HG tree, namely,
> - laptop model fixes for Cxt5045
> - clean up of Cxt5047 verbs
> - add missing input elements for cxt5047 test model
> - a workaround in power-state change
> - afg and mfg fields in codec preset
> - ratelimit to timeout messages
> I modified the above a bit, mainly for fixing coding issues.
> So, be careful to rebase your patch again.
> The rest, the addition of cxt5051 and the HSF modem are pending.
> I checked the patch and found some problems in cxt5051 code:
> - the ADC stream may be unswitched even if you plug/unplug the docking
>   station when the PCM is being opened
> - basically the capture switch has no role
> - judging the difference of capture prepare/cleanup via the number of
>   adc
> The patch below is my revised version with some cleanups.
> Can someone test with the top of the very latest HG tree (at least
> changeset 5753)?

Hi, I tested in the HP laptop model we have here. The patch works very well, I 
only noticed two things:

- The PCM slider in alsamixer doesn't have any effect on volume, Master slide 
- In HP laptop model here Docking Mic binds to the external mic and Internal 
Mic to the builtin mic (it's the only two items in this laptop, External Mic 
doesn't really exist, I can create another model only for the laptop here to 
omit External Mic and rename Docking Mic to External Mic, but it's not 
something important anyway). I noticed just something strange in the automute 
of the mic inputs: if the volume is not zero for Docking Mic, it doesn't 
automute Internal Mic, I can capture from both inputs, but if I mute Docking 
Mic (=0), and plug the mic in Docking Mic, it mutes Internal Mic.

I tested other things like Headphone automute and it's ok. Thanks to all.

> About HSF modem, let me clarify.  The HSF modem patch can't be applied
> as is to the kernel tree.  The purpose of this patch is exactly to
> bind with a binary-only object.  And, as everybody knows, binary-only
> objects are refused in the kernel upstream in general, so there is
> no reason to apply it.
> Oh, I also didn't apply the addition of wallclock and lpos.  These are
> basically fine to add but there is no user except for HSF.  The lpos
> callback can be replaced with the normal PCM position read, I guess.
> The exit callback is also not applied.  Why is this needed?  Doesn't
> it work if you call from free callback?


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