[alsa-devel] Support for Compaq Presario F700 - model 755US - NVidia MCP67 Audio - Codec Conexant 5051

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Jan 21 12:03:30 CET 2008

At Sat, 19 Jan 2008 21:23:29 -0200,
Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski wrote:
> Em Saturday 19 January 2008 12:45:52 Claudio Matsuoka escreveu:
> > On Jan 19, 2008 9:56 AM, Tobin Davis <tdavis at dsl-only.net> wrote:
> > > I have already requested documentation and a development board from
> > > Conexant, so I should be able to get a fully functional driver going
> > > soon.  In the meantime, I'll try to get a test patch out to you as soon
> > > as possible.
> >
> > If this is the Hermosa codec (see
> > http://helllabs.org/codecgraph/out/hp-spartan-ng.svg), Herton has just
> > finished fully functional support to it, based on the HP "Spartan 1.1"
> Yes, it was working, but there were some things to sort out, like the Spartan 
> 1.1 doesn't have to switch between capture source as each mic (int, ext) has 
> its own adc, and I hacked it without removing the capture source from mixer.
> Also I worked on the same code provided by hsfmodem, that already has support 
> for 5051, but I don't know why it wasn't sent upstream yet by 
> Conexant/hsfmodem people.
> > laptop (subdevice ID is 14f1:5051).
> >
> > Herton, did you submit the patches for Hermosa support to the list?
> No, as I didn't fixed the patches for proper submission, and the part of 
> hsfmodem probably Conexant/Linuxant people should send with proper 
> Signed-offs etc. But anyway I'll attach here the patches for reference, that 
> are not ready for inclusion and will not apply to current alsa tree.

Thanks.  Do you happen to know how linuxant guys think of the patch
submission?  Of couse, the HSF modem part can be never merged to the
upstream, but the sane GPL'ed part could be good to merge.


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