[alsa-devel] Splitting up the HDA-INTEL modules

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Jan 16 12:47:40 CET 2008

At Tue, 15 Jan 2008 19:36:34 +0100,
Marco Schuster wrote:
> Hi all,
> when I looked today through the files of the snd-hda-intel module, I
> was a bit shocked by this complex amount of code (patch_realtek.c for
> example). I would think about splitting up the code in a way each
> chipset gets its own .c file - which will make debugging, patching or
> editing a lot easier IMO, and for second people can then comment on
> just their specific chipset in config.
> What do you think about this?
> Marco
> PS: If there are no objections, I'll start working on realtek.c on
> weekend.


-  Too many kernel configs are also no preferred option.  I already
  splitted up to several configs, and I got many stupid bug reports.

- Moving the code makes hard to track the changes, especially the
  regression between versions.

I'm strongly for the solution with the user-space setup tool.
The project was stopped simply because of my lack of time.


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