[alsa-devel] [PATCH] hda_intel: Fix multiple device support by incrementing device count

Andrew Paprocki andrew at ishiboo.com
Sun Jan 13 00:05:29 CET 2008

Fixes multiple device support by incrementing the static device counter
at the end of the azx_probe() call. Without this, subsequent probes would
always use the index specified for the first card.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Paprocki <andrew at ishiboo.com>

diff -r acdc98363786 -r bde9dbdbd2ba pci/hda/hda_intel.c
--- a/pci/hda/hda_intel.c	Fri Jan 11 18:15:26 2008 +0100
+++ b/pci/hda/hda_intel.c	Sat Jan 12 18:59:58 2008 -0500
@@ -1933,6 +1933,7 @@ static int __devinit azx_probe(struct pc
 	chip->running = 1;
+	dev++;
 	return err;

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