[alsa-devel] can not access the alsa driver

Joachim Förster mls.JOFT at gmx.de
Thu Jan 10 12:56:09 CET 2008

Hi Adrian,

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 21:35 +0000, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> > > Here are my questions:
> > > 1, When we install the alsa-lib, we can get some libs, besides those, do we
> > > also get some config files according to the local linux environment and
> > > alsa-lib will use these config files to access the real driver? If that, how
> > > can I install the alsa-lib to a embedded platform directly or what config
> > > files should I port to embedded platform?
> > >
> > > 2, Must I edit ~/.asoundrc and /etc/alsa/alsa.conf ? In my situation, what
> > > should I do ? Is somebody so kind can give me a simple template?
> >
> > I cannot really say something about your questions - I hadn't to create
> > any special config. files, when I started using my own driver (for a
> > PPC405 based board (ML403)). I just cross-compiled and installed
> > alsa-lib and alsa-tools (to have aplay and arecord).
> >
> Any chance you could publish your configuration here?

Well, I had _not_ to create any extra/additional config files.

- I fetched alsa-lib and alsa-tools source packages (at that time I used
1.0.13 and later 1.0.14).
- I used ELDK 4.0 for PPC405 as cross-compiler environment. <rootdir> is
the root directory used by the ML403 board.
- Compiled alsa-lib:
   $ ./configure --host=powerpc-linux
   $ make
   $ make DESTDIR=<rootdir> install
- Compiled alsa-tools (linked against alsa-lib)
   $ ./configure --host=powerpc-linux \
     --with-alsa-inc-prefix=<rootdir>/usr/include \
   $ make
   $ make DESTDIR=<rootdir> install
- Login to board, modprobe my driver
- Make sure udev is running and created /dev/snd/* files OR
  - Create /dev/snd/* files with snddevices script from alsa-tools
- alsamixer (adjust volume), aplay somefile.wav

So, that's it - but I'm afraid that this won't help you. I never touched
any files installed by "make install" of both packages.


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