[alsa-devel] conversion of opti93x driver to use cs4231-lib

Krzysztof Helt krzysztof.h1 at poczta.fm
Mon Jan 7 20:08:01 CET 2008


I posted some time ago two patches which converts opti93x driver to use cs4231-lib library. 

The opti93x chips are almost compatible with the cs4231 differing mostly by mixer.

This change greatly reduces the source of the opti drivers.

Here are patches:
[addition of opti93x details to the cs4231-lib]

[conversion of opti93x driver to use cs4231-lib]

I will rediff the second patch as there were some changes to opti93x driver after sending the patch.

If it is not a good idea to do such conversion, please reply and drop patches.


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