[alsa-devel] Hotplug plugin

Erik Slagter erik at slagter.name
Tue Jan 1 12:29:28 CET 2008

Lennart Poettering wrote:
>>  - pulseaudio, using hal-detection and "combined" device: doesn't work
>> because a removed device is never reinserted into the combined
>> device;
> Of course it is. Just install PA 0.9.7 or newer.

I have pulseaudio 0.9.7 actually installed (F8, from package
pulseaudio-0.9.7-0.17.svn20071017.fc8.x86_64) and I didn't get it to
work like you describe. I will try again if you say it should work like

BTW there is one thing that puzzles me with pulseaudio, I have enabled
the "create a sink that covers all devices" (or something similar)
option, but I never see the sink. It looks like this would be the
functionality I am searching for.

I have a slight clue why it doesn't work ;-) I am running the pulseaudio
daemon system-wide (the concept of a sound daemon per user login repels
me), so the gui tools (which run with my uid) probably don't have the
access rights to change the config files. That's actually good. At
least, if I could set all parameters by editing the config files. But I
can't find the config file option for the "create an all devices device"
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