[alsa-devel] HDMI Multichannel LPCM/RAW Support/Status

Dustin Kerstein dustobub at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 18:13:45 CET 2008

I'd possibly be willing to temporarily donate hardware for you to play with.
If I sent you a Asus P5E-VM that has the G35 chipset would you have the
other necessary hardware to test it with, ie. receiver with HDMI audio
input, cpu, ram, etc? Otherwise, what kind of technical details would you be
looking for, I could help test, but I am not a programmer. Thanks.

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At Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:11:17 -0500,
Dustin Kerstein wrote:
> I was just curious if there is any planned support for multichannel
> audio for newer HDMI based chipsets. There are several matx boards with
> 1.1 and above compliance, which means they should be able to pass
> LPCM audio. Also, in HDMI 1.3 and above, Bit Stream passing is supported,
> which actually should be easier, bandwidth wise, than LPCM. Multichannel
> (above 2 channels) was never an issue because SPDIF lacked the bandwidth.
> After talking with some people in irc it seems as though the # of channels
> setting in Alsa is only one bit. Thanks.

Well, I have no plan yet because I have no such a hardware...

I'm willing to help implementation if you can give any pointers for
technical details.


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