[alsa-devel] ALSA C++ API updated for 1.0.16

Michael Gerdau mgerdau at tiscali.de
Tue Feb 26 15:49:50 CET 2008

> > ALSA_HPP_CLASS& set_##name(...) { ...; return *this; }\
> Is there a reason why you return the object itself?  Usually, returning
> an object implies that that object is a _different_ object with the
> setting applied, which would mean that the original object was _not_
> changed, but that isn't true here.

I'm not an OO design guru, but at least IOC (IBM OpenClass; it used to
be a rather powerful multiplatform GUI framework - before they made it
AIX only) used this very paradigma all over the place.

You were supposed to write statements like:

At least that's what all their example code looked like.

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