[alsa-devel] Problem with DELL XPS M1530

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Feb 20 14:24:41 CET 2008

At Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:30:06 +0100,
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Anders_R=F8nningen?= wrote:
> I'll do the tests when I get home from work. Just wanted to check that I
> understood the instructions.
> The problem is like you said. The left HP and the internal speakers never
> give any sound, regardless of whether the right HP is connected.
> You want me to:
> 1. remove the mentioned line from alsa-kernel/pci/hda/patch_sigmatel.c.
> 2. configure and build the driver with full debug
> 3. reboot, run alsa-info.sh and upload the output
> Is that right?


> > No difference in the output but there must be a difference in the codec
> setting.
> You mean before and after I remove the line from patch_sigmatel.c?

In each case whatever you change something.  I have to check the codec
state whether the surround volume really does the right job as
Also, we need to check the state with and without the code in
patch_sigmatel.c, with and without HP plugged.

Also, try the original 1.0.16 and get alsa-info.sh as well.

Yeah, there are lots of required tests.  That's why it's so nasty to
debug this kind of problem...

> >What is the original configuration of pin 0xf?
> How can I know/find out this?

This can be found from alsa-info.sh.



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