[alsa-devel] ALSA MIDI interface - plugin

Pharaoh . pharaoh137 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 01:39:21 CET 2008

> It's possible, but so far, no external plugin framework is implemented
> for rawmidi.  The external plugins are available only for PCM and
> control APIs.  I guess it'd be relatively easy to add the external
> rawmidi plugins, though.

How can I start adding an external rawmidi plugin? As you said, there is no
framework ready yet. So, first a framework has to be created so that
external plugins can be added the same way one would add PCM or control type
plugins. It might sound a little naive but I am not familiar with the
framework part of it, but it looks interesting.

1. I think for finding out what the plugin framework would consists of I
need to have a look at alsa-lib and modify it too, is it correct?. If such a
framework is created then
will the control flow look like this:

amidi/aplaymidi ->alsa-lib with midi plugin framework->my_midi_plugin

Can you point me to some code/doc etc which might serve as start point,
basically how do I go about adding such a framework and finally, how user is
going to use
it with newly added plugin? (i.e. for pcm io type plugin we use #aplay -D
my_plugin test.wav, will it be similar for midi plugin also?)


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