[alsa-devel] Notebook Toshiba satellite x200-21g with realtek snd-hda-intel audio device still not supported (codec ALC268)

Daniele (Mastro) daniele.bilug at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:52:42 CET 2008

Tobin Davis ha scritto:
> The only way to support Midi on that system is via software midi.  There
> is no hardware midi support directly to the system (no place to plug in
> midi devices), except through USB or possibly integrated in a docking
> system.  To get Midi support for Linux, use Timidity
> (http://timidity.sourceforge.net).   This will convert midi sequences to
> pcm audio tracks.

ok.. they sucks :)
anyway i know how to do software midi.. i've written a guide for it too 
some times ago, thanks

> I personally can't translate the specs listed, but from what I can tell,
> the system should have a Line-in, Mic-In, and HP-out jacks, along with 4
> internal speakers (nothing indicating surround sound).  It does have
> SPDIF out, and I would assume that will allow surround sound if hooked
> up to a digital receiver, as SPDIF is essentially a digital
> pass-through.  The codec itself only has two DACs, which could be
> configured between the headphones and speakers to do a quasi-surround4.0
> setup, but based on the chip diagram would take some additional
> programming effort.

i'm 130% sure there's a subwoofer anyway..

> And I'm sorry I dropped the ball in helping here.  I wish I could spend
> more time on Alsa, but economics forces me to have a full time job doing
> non-alsa work at this time.  Bad excuse, I know.

i understand it :) no problem! thanks a lot for what you have done!

> I'll try to get my test board working again this week, and I'll even
> download the Windows drivers for your system to use as a baseline for
> comparison.  No guarantees, though.

ok.. if you found something keep me informed, thanks!

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