[alsa-devel] midi problem

rmgls at free.fr rmgls at free.fr
Thu Feb 14 12:24:54 CET 2008


upgrading to kernel and alsa-hg-20080213, (libs in sync),
on debian: trying to play some midi files, with aplaymidi to:
 timidity/mpu/rme midi port,
i receive the following message:

rtc: lost some interrupt at 1024hz

perhaps, it's not alsa related but!
Do you think it is related to the config?
the symptom appeared since 2.6.24 kernel.
in case, can you tell me what config options can influence this behaviour,
(i have read and applied the low_latency doc),
and if this is missing in the doc, to avoid such questions, can you
add some words somewhere please?

Thanks in advance for reply.

rmgls at free.fr

rmgls at free.fr

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