[alsa-devel] No recording on hda-intel (AD1981HD)

Grzegorz Chwesewicz grzegorz.chwesewicz at chilan.com
Tue Feb 12 17:41:12 CET 2008

> The patch will change only the behavior of Master control.  PCM should
> be as same as before.

That's correct, PCM behaves always the same way (with or without patch).

> What "value" are you referring in the above context?  Is it a raw
> mixer value, percent or dB, or the codec amp value?

I mean value which is under Master control bar in alsamixer program.

> Maybe we need to make clear how the master volume control behaves.
> According to the original bug reporter, the master volume behaves like
> below:

> - from 0% to 49% sounds are still audible, and the volume doesn't change at 
> all
> - from 50% to 100% sounds get louder normally
> How about yours?

I have exactly the same behavior of volume control as you described, but after 
applying ad1981-hp-master-amp-fix master behaves as described in previous 
letter and below (as reminder).

"I can only decrement it (master) to value (I've described what do I mean 
saying "value" in the begining of the letter) 3, and when I press 
down key (in alsamixer) to step to lower level of loudness, it's switching to 
value 103. When Master has 103 value I can hear very quiet output from 
internal speakers and HP (if plugged)."

Grzegorz Chwesewicz, Chilan 
mailto:grzegorz.chwesewicz at chilan.com

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