[alsa-devel] Some questions about devices supported by alsa

Pavel Hofman pavel.hofman at insite.cz
Mon Feb 11 11:13:53 CET 2008

Hi Sergio,

Esi Juli@ seems to be a different beast than most other ice1724-based 
cards. I am working on the driver, it will take a number of changes to 
the generic ice1724 driver due to presumably different clocking scheme.

The ice1724 midi driver has a bug causing kernel hang when opening the 
device. It has been reported, and Takashi has provided an experimental 


It would be great if you were able to test the patch. The midi device 
should work (hopefully) using the existing driver for Juli at .

Thanks a lot,


Sergio Atzori wrote:
> Hello, my name is Sergio Atzori. I'm a musician and I love very much
> linux and open source. I have a lot of hardware for music, something
> well supported by linux, something else not supported...I have some
> questions:
> 1) Esi Juli@: reported as supported by alsa, but it isn't. Looking at
> http://www.linuxdriverproject.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/DriversNeeded and
> http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Ice1724, this really beautiful card is
> unusable in linux. I have one and I tried to get it working with some
> distros, but nothing..I experience a computer freeze (kernel panic
> perhaps?) in every attempt to configure it with alsa-conf, or just
> opening an application that uses midi system (like Rosegarden). So I
> would know, there is someone working on a better driver? Can I hope to
> get it working in the near future? According to me there is a lot of
> people waiting for a driver for this card, I'm waiting since 2005..
> 2) Miditech I2 control-37 (http://www.miditech.de/produktee_i2.htm):
> beatiful usb-keyboard, not mentioned in Linux-USB device site, it does
> not work in linux...I think the kernel configure it well (as
> snd-usb-audio device) but I can't see it in Jack midi connections..
> 3) RME AES32 (and AES32express) & Lynx AES16: this driver could be
> important for professional studios..if we want to put linux distros on
> the professional side. I've none of them, but some people ask me to
> build a professional multichannel live machine, I'd like to build a
> linux based machine...there are not alternatives to these cards, because
> I can build a system with more than one of them (really powerful
> multichannel environment).
> Thanks so much for attention.
> Ciao
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