[alsa-devel] PXA27x and AC97 reset bug

Robert Jarzmik rjarzmik at free.fr
Thu Feb 7 00:00:51 CET 2008

I hope this subject wasn't previously discussed, as I couldn't find a trace ...

The basic question is : why can't the PXA27x reset the AC97 bus in front of an
wm9713 ?

And more precisely, I'd like to know :
 - are there any references to this bug (Intel note, mailing list ref, ...)
 - is it a hardware bug on PXA27x side ?
 - is it a hardware bug on wm9713 side ?
 - is there a known generic workaround (assuming GPIO113 is connected to wm9713
reset line is not generic for me) ?
 - is there a known platform where this bug does not happen ?


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