[alsa-devel] DSP2000 Midi In - Not a correct fix??

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Tue Feb 5 15:47:30 CET 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 23:22, Alan Horstmann wrote:
> However, things have moved on here, in that I do now have a proposed
> alternative.  One step on from the above approach is to call this function
> only if
> is set for that particular box, rather than setting the parameter
> 'activate'. This approach does create a complete and effective solution,
> which I have tested here, being able (using the boxconfigs) to set channels
> and Midi In on any box designated 0-3, and Midi out 1 & 2 are active for
> all boxes once set on any.
> Soon I will put this together into a patch for review, so that there is at
> least something definite to discuss.

I have now generated this patch, together with a fair amount of testing 
various configurations, and it is attached.

The original MIDI-IN non-functioning is caused because when
is called with the 3rd parameter 'activate' set to 0, it messes up any 
previously midi-configured boxes.  Thus the zero configs of [1],[2],[3] in 
the standard code un-set the active midi config of [0] since they happen 
afterwards.  This patch ensures the function is only called to activate a 
config and not to set it off.  As a result configs can be set for any of [0] 
to [3] successfully.

The various bits are clearly not operating as would be expected.  If _MIDI2 is 
not set, midi out2 still functions, but midi in1 (on first 401 uart) does 
not.  However, no other box can use this , as only one can be the midi 
source. And, _MIDI1 actually enables input on the second 401 uart.  Therfore 
there really is no value in the separate _MIDI2 config and function.  It 
would be more logical to combine in a single midi config function (it was 
like this in Alsa 1.0.1, but changed sometime later).

I have included some explanitary text in the code patch which attempts to give 
some idea of the config issues.

However, without extensive re-working (which it seems no-one has an appetite 
for), this patch fixes the problem without reducing functionality in the way 
that January's applied patch does.  The box can be set-up as any of [0] to 
[3].  It might be worth re-opening the 3 related bugs and seeing if the 
others involved can confirm this patch, as I cannot now add it to them as an 

In addition, name strings are included for the mpu_401 devices so they have 
unique names.

Regards  Alan


Fixes the problems with Midi In on Hoontech/STA dsp24 cards, for example with 
DSP2000 box, without restricting the box configurations available.  Also adds 
mpu_401 name strings.

Signed-off-by: Alan Horstmann <gineera at aspect135.co.uk>

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